Lightning Rod Installation

A single bolt of lightning carries over 30 million volts of electricity, so it is crucial that you have a good lightning rod and protection system in place at your home or business. That’s why you need experienced lightning rod installers on your side. The recommended configuration of components for lightning protection systems include:

  • Conductive air terminals at least 10 inches higher than your property’s highest point
  • Grounding rods of copper-clad steel, copper, or stainless steel driven 10 feet into the ground
  • Heavy aluminum or woven copper cable connecting the air terminals to the grounding terminals
  • Lightning discharge units and arresters for antennas, telephone lines, and electric lines
  • Lightning protection for trees within 10 feet of your property

At McDonald’s Lightning Protection, we take pride in our company’s quality of workmanship, installing systems to meet regulatory requirements while maintaining the aesthetic features of your property. Call us today to find out more about our lightning rod installation services.